Sales Tax

Lakeland Baking Company, d.b.a. Lakeland Bakery is a corporation in the great state of Wisconsin. Most items we sell are exempt from Sales and Use tax under Wisconsin statutes; however, if a product or service is subject to sales tax we will reflect the tax due on the checkout page.

If you reside in a state other than Wisconsin we do not collect tax on your behalf. If your state does not view bakery items as tax exempt and requires that you pay use tax on purchases made over the internet you may be responsible for reporting the purchase on your income taxes. Your order invoice serves as your receipt for tax purposes.

Local Taxes

Wisconsin is a destination-based sales tax state. This means that we must use the tax rate of the shipping address you supply when checking out instead of our store's address in Elkhorn. We will include any county or municipal taxes that your shipping address is subject to when determining the tax due.

Shipping Charges

If your order includes any items that are taxable then the shipping charges are also subject to taxation. If your order consists entirely of tax exempt items than shipping charges are also tax exempt.